So Many Choices!

“I love my life!” Have you ever heard someone say that and really mean it? It’s rare, but I found myself saying just that this year. It leaps out of my heart at the most unexpected times! Some people may think that happens because I have everything I need or want, but that is not the case. So what is the key to having a life that you love?

The answer is to choose who and what means the most to you so that you stay connected to your heart. Your choices are what build the life you love or a life that you endure. When you choose something that doesn’t feed your heart with kindness, goodness, love, peace, patience and gentleness, you are choosing to step away from creating a life you love. If you make choices that lead away from your heart, you will eventually find yourself disconnected, unhappy, and maybe functioning, but not thriving.

You create for yourself what you love or don’t love. Life isn’t about “having it all” but you can choose to have what makes you most happy. Only you can look into your heart and determine what that is for you. When you love what you are choosing and surrounding yourself with, you don’t notice what you don’t yet have because your gratefulness fills the gap. That gratefulness can hold you until you are able to fill that gap with what is best for you. If you consistently choose who and what you love over time, you will end up with a life filled with more of what you love and less of what you don’t love.

Care for your heart this way and it will keep a flow of gratefulness and joy bubbling out of your heart. This is the best kind of self-care. If you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like, think about the choices that led you there and make a different decision. Build a life with who you love and what you love.

Jennifer SchrammDogs, choices