Heaven's Solution: Leaning

This book is the first of the Heaven's Solution series.

In life challenges are inevitable! But do you know they are also an opportunity for you to grow into the dreams that God has for you? If you have spent much time around Great Danes you may know that when you become their friend, they will literally come near to lean on you. No one knows really why but in my experience, it seems to be sign of affection and trust. This book is about me and my Great Dane, “Kayko” as we walked through the trauma of her cancer diagnosis. Just like this “leaning habit” of Great Dane’s, I found that learning to lean on Jesus Christ and others that love you, is a critical growth opportunity when going through difficult times.
We all have dreams about who we would like to be, what we would like to be doing or how we would like to live our life differently. But in order to make those dreams come true, we are required to make changes in our lives to support the new dream that we want to live. You may have to change the way you think, make different decisions, spend money or use your time--differently. The truth is, if it were possible for you to be living your dream without making changes, you probably would have done it already! Difficult circumstances are often the catalyst for the changes you need to make in order to step into your dream and make it a reality. 
As you read our story you will discover how devastating circumstances with Kayko required realignment in almost every area of my life. Leaning into this fire of adversity, rather than running away, caused new internal beauty to emerge in my life. 
It is my hope that our story inspires, challenges and motivates you to overcome your mountain and find new beauty within. Happy reading and living!

Heaven's solution: Winning

This is the second book in the Heaven's Solutions series.

What dreams have been growing inside of you? If those dreams were to manifest, what would they look like? As Christians we pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done, but what does that look like in you? Would you be an organic farmer specializing in aquaponics? Or a fashion designer for handicapped people with prosthetics and wheelchairs? Or a mom baking homemade bread for kids with no lunch money? How could your dreams be a solution? Every dream requires that you take risks. The risks are personal, financial and emotional. They are decisions that you step forward to make that create a new possibility. A change. A new option for yourself and others. I had been pondering my dream of becoming a healer of animals and people. I took the calculated sacrifices and risks to gain what I didn’t yet possess. I decided to allow myself to be uncomfortable so that I could grow into all I needed to become for my dream to thrive. I wanted to be a solution, offer a remedy, give options, extend hope and bring new vision. This is what I learned: The risks you are willing to take in your relationship with God will determine how much of Heaven comes to earth. This book is about me and “Dixie Dawg” (my Dachshund/Beagle mix) taking the risks to walk out the dream of healing that Jesus placed inside my heart. As you read this second book in the Heaven's Solution series, you will discover how I allowed my relationship with Jesus to take hold of His creative power that is inside every Believer in Christ, to apply His goodness and kindness as a solution for the people and pets around me. These stories are the journey of choices that formed what my dream looked like when it manifested and Heaven came to earth. Everyone can have a story of their dreams becoming a real solution for themselves and others. What will yours look like? 

Be bold. Step out in God. He put that dream in you so that He can be the solution through you! Go with God

About Jennifer Kay Schramm

Jennifer Kay Schramm is a massage therapist, a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1996 and is a Christian Spiritual Development Coach. She married Kevin in 1993 and they have a Great Dane named Kahana. Her journey with her own dogs through the years has helped her learn about homemade dog food, herbs, essential oils, prescription medications for pain, dog wheelchairs, prayer for healing, canine cancer, holistic veterinarians, etc. She loves seeing dogs and their families restored.