I have always been an idea person with an entrepreneurial spirit. My Beloved & I is a business with the 3 facets of apparel, doggie desserts and wellness that have developed out of my heart for joy, healing and togetherness.  I knew I wanted to start a part time company and home based businesses have many advantages. A doggie dessert company was a perfect way to blend business and the happy spot in my heart for dogs. The Barkery sells dog treats in lots of different flavors and makes a great gift for people with dogs. All my treats are made in the USA with human grade ingredients...and yes, I have eaten them all! Selling the treats at local craft fairs every fall has created great on-going friendships with my customers. I love to watch how picking out different flavors of treats stirs up joy in their hearts. We love to give things that make our loved ones happy and creating a home of happiness, that includes our fur kids, helps our hearts expand.

In 2007 a new facet of wellness was being born to the company. At the time, my Great Dane, Kayko was paralyzed from the waist down with a cancerous tumor in her spine. The doctors had no surgery or treatments and I quickly learned as much as I could to help her. Later my Dachsund was also paralyzed from the waist down as she jumped off the bed when she smelled a jar of peanut butter being opened in the kitchen. (She LOVED peanut butter!) The skills I learned, along with my background as a massage therapist, helped me create services for dogs affected by disease, injury or behavioral issues. I use different massage techniques, essential oils and prayer to help animals and their people navigate their best path to wholeness. I wrote about the experiences with my dogs in a 2 book series called Heaven’s Solution: Leaning and Heaven’s Solution: Winning that are available on

The apparel facet of the company began in August 2014 when I was reading a book on hope and discovered that disappointing past experiences had created road blocks in my heart and thinking. As I was gaining better thoughts that began shattering the hold of disappointment, I also gained the idea that would give me the opportunity to walk out my new hope. This part of the company was born out of new hope, faith and prosperity. I’ve discovered that there’s nothing that cannot be accomplished with a great idea and a circle of friends! Togetherness, a celebrated foundation of this company, is a healing agent. In the spirit of togetherness, this apparel company creates dog coats and bandanas with coordinating scarves and jewelry for people. These are fun for family photos, daily walks and outings with your dog. My Beloved & I outfits great relationships so that hope and prosperity thrive in everyday encounters.

All three facets of My Beloved & I share a common love of relationship with a dog, but they approach that love from three distinct and unique perspectives. I love having a business that promotes joy, healing, hope and togetherness! Owning my own business gives me the freedom to create things that are from my heart and help dog owners stay in touch with what makes them happy. Our friendships with our dogs and each other are to be dressed in kindness and honor. It is my greatest desire for my businesses to make a difference in the lives they touch and I hope yours is one.



Jennifer Kay Schramm is a massage therapist, a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1996 and is a Christian Spiritual Development Coach. She married Kevin in 1993 and they have a Great Dane named Kahana. Her journey with her own dogs through the years has helped her learn about homemade dog food, herbs, essential oils, prescription medications for pain, harnesses for disabled dogs, dog wheelchairs, healing prayer, canine cancer, holistic veterinarians, etc. She loves working with canine behavioral issues, sickness and injury and seeing dogs and their families restored.